Introducing WebShells

MGC has opportunities for Owner-Operator (OO) entrepreneurs to develop virtual communities. These developers will learn about WebShell features that OOs need to grow their business and associated communities. These features include ways to collect prospect's emails, organize and automate sales calls, offers, and letters, an easy contact management system to replace messy notebooks and boxes of business cards, a built-in revenue stream that provide a new source of earnings, online stores, a landing page for prospects who are scoping you out, and an engaging social space for members to share information, all for a low affordable annual price.

Welcome to Langaw

welcome to Langaw.

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Join the esite that brings you closer to communities near and far, big and small in an interactive manner. Engage in commerce and communications that makes it easier to interact  at least cost ad less time. Langaw is a virtual city that provides you with services that meets your needs. For questions  and clarifications on the power of the site and its functionality, direct such to